PS 346 Students Are Moving On Up To Kindergarten


On June 19th, large balloons with ‘Congrats Grad’ written on them could be spotted in every corner of PS 346’s auditorium in preparation of their pre-kindergarten stepping up ceremony. As parents entered the auditorium they flooded to the seats closest to the stage, just to catch the perfect picture of their little graduates.

Once the music began to play, the students started to dance and sing to “Best Day of My Life,” as they walked onto the stage dressed in red shirts with the words ‘Early Years Are Learning Years’ and white shorts (or skirts). There were flutters of cheers and camera flashes while the children stated in unison “Now I know my Abc’s. Colors, shapes, and days. I sang some songs, learned some poems, rhymes, and finger plays. I played outside on sunny days, and inside when it rained. My little hands and feet were busy every day. Our teachers were Ms. Schaefer, Ms. Robbins, Ms. Aurbach, Ms. Sherry, Ms. Brown, and Ms. Jackson. I kept them on their toes. They tied my shoes, combed my hair, and even wiped my nose. But it’s time to say ‘Good-Bye’ to all my preschool fiends. School is over, summer’s here. But learning never ends. See you in Kindergarten.”

The children performed for an hour, choruses about the days in the week and all of the interesting things they learned in pre-kindergarten. At the end of the ceremony, Principal Kevin Caifa thanked the parents for their continued support in their child’s education and the teachers for their great teaching. He also thanked Ms. Schaefer for over 40 years of work as a teacher. This year’s graduation was her last, and although it was a bitter-sweet end. A life of leisure is well-deservied for her dedication to the students of PS 346.

Photos by Amanda Moses