PS 346 Students Learn About Bike Safety


On Friday, September 13th, Abe Stark Primary School (PS) 346 hosted a safety assembly with Bike New York, an advocacy group that works to transform people’s lives through bicycling. Bike New York instructor, David Hong, led the seminar wearing a helmet and showing the classes his very own bike. Learning to ride a bike can be daunting at first because of the fear of falling. It’s also important for the students who are more experienced cyclists to understand the safety precautions they should all follow. The most crucial lesson stressed at this assembly was about wearing a helmet and paying attention to your surroundings.

On Sunday, September 15th PS 346 coordinated a Bike Bash with Bike New York, who runs an initiative called Recycle-A-Bicycle, which involves refurbishing used bikes and then re-distributing them. The event was held in the school’s playground and invited the children to bring in their old bikes and swap them for refurbished ones. The concept behind this activity was to reduce waste (bikes account for a large amount of waste in NYC’s landfills), and help children who have outgrown their bikes. The bikes collected at the event will then be refurbished and distributed.

See the Spring Creek Sun’s October 4 issue for more photos and coverage.

Photos by Amanda Moses and courtesy of PS 346