PS 346’s Black History Dance Assembly


On February 28th the first graders at PS 346 learned first – hand about Black History. Ms. Slaughter, dance teacher specialist at PS 346, put together an assembly that showcased the knowledge and talents of her first grade students for Black History Month. These students knocked you out with their ability to both learn about Black History month but also display what they learned through dances, songs, poems and even recited speeches.

3PS 346’s Principal, Mr. Caifa suggested to Ms. Slaughter to put on a presentation for Black History Month. Ms. Slaughter’s first graders participated in the Black History Month Dance AssemblyAfrican Dance in the Diaspora. Ms. Slaughter had assistance from the first grade teachers preparing the students for the assembly. This assembly initially was for the Pre-K, kindergarten and second grade students and for the parents of the first graders. Well, there was an overwhelming amount of parents (approximately 50) with standing room only which prompted a second assembly.

The students put on the second assembly back to back without any complaints. The students’ parents supplied the black uniform for the assembly and Ms. Slaughter provided the African-print materials.

4“I felt the assembly was very successful. It was beautiful, the students were excited. I am very happy; their willingness to learn was without a doubt unbelievable. They were eager and looking forward to the dance assembly. The parents support was overwhelming,” said Ms. Slaughter. These students really enjoyed partaking in the Black History Dance assembly.

Makala enjoyed learning about Black History especially the clothes. First grader, Hannah said, “I enjoyed learning about Harriet Tubman. We dressed up and danced to the music. I enjoyed learning the dances; Kuku, Hold On, and Better When I’m Dancing Level.”

Raja portrayed Martin Luther King. “I enjoyed playing the part of Martin Luther King. He stood up for Black people and made a famous speech called ‘I Have A Dream’ (then Raja recited the speech).

All in all, these students not only learned about Black History but, they reveled in showing their knowledge in the assembly.

Photos were provided by: Ms. T. Slaughter