PS 346’s Fifth Grade Students Graduate


Blue and white balloons filled the auditorium at PS 346 along with the wonderful sounds of the NYPD Jazz Band and the Spring Creek Youth Symphony for the graduation of the fifth grade students.
Proud parents of the fifth graders brought helium balloons and flowers for their children. Principal Kevin Caifa welcomed all of the parents, grandparents, and families of the graduates to this memorable occasion in their children’s lives.

Now these fifth graders will close the final chapter of the book on elementary school and will open a fresh new chapter in a new book in their lives which is middle school. These students are not afraid to move on up they are excited for the change and the new challenges that awaits them. Both parents and students were overjoyed at the graduation.

These graduates are moving on up to middle school but have formed great friendships with their classmates and this graduation was bittersweet to them.

Photos By: Marisol Rivera