PS 346’s Star-Studded Prom


On June 5th, students at Abe Stark Primary School (PS) 346 were able to cut loose and put on their dancing shoes for a glamorous fifth grade prom night in the Brooklyn Sports Club’s (BSC) gymnasium. Similar to last year, the theme was Hollywood and the pre-teens made sure to shine like movie stars. Sharp ties, glossy shoes and even three-piece suits made the boys look like suave actors rolling straight onto the red carpet. The young ladies wore Vogue-like gowns accessorized with tiaras and other bejeweled jewelry akin to dramatic actresses ready for their personalized photoshoots.

The atmosphere was electrifying thanks to the pulsing music played by a live DJ. The event also had a very sophisticated air with its black and gold décor and overall Academy Awards theme, making everyone feel like a winner. Some boys presented their dates with corsages, a bouquet of flowers, and even sparkling apple cider. Others strolled in with their sunglasses, smirking like they were too cool for school as they took selfies with each other.

Perhaps the event felt so carefree because parents were not allowed in the gym, so they were able to play, shout, and dance their hearts out with no judgment from their teachers. From dance battles between students who could dish out the best moves to laughing with friends, the entire night was a magical experience for all in attendance.

Photos by Amanda Moses