PS 346’s Students Get a Visit from The Dentist


On October 10th and 11th the Liberty Dental Team visited PS 346. Dr. Kathleen Malico (a dentist) gave students a presentation with a slideshow on the importance of dental care.

How on earth did PS 346 connect with Dr. Malico and the Liberty Dental Team? PS 346’s Principal, Kevin Caifa, emailed parent coordinator, Onika Hawker with some information about the dentist. Hawker diligently did some research and scheduled an appointment for Dr. Malico and the Liberty Dental team. This was the first time that parent coordinator, Hawker set up this type of event and she looks forward to doing this again for the upcoming school year.

This dental visit was for all students from Pre-K to fifth grade. Some of the students were very excited because they were accustomed to going to the dentist, while others were frightened because of past bad experiences. However, others were nervous because this was their first time visiting the dentist. While it may have been their first time in the dentist’s chair, this dental team made the students feel very comfortable.
This dental visit allowed the children to have a free oral screening and the dentist sent the findings home to the parents along with a dental referral. Students went home with a goody bag which had a free toothbrush, toothpaste, and other goodies for brushing your teeth. About 187 of PS 346’s students benefited from this dental visit.

“This dental program that Liberty Dental offers is an amazing program, it teaches the students about oral hygiene. It also opens the parent’s eyes of those students who never visited a dentist before,” said Hawker. 

Photo courtesy of PS 346