PS 346’s Students Receive Coat Donations


On January 11th, students in PS 346’s fifth grade (5-504) class were pleasantly surprised when they were visited by members of the New Hope Family Worship Center. This visit was a spectacular event because members of the church donated coats to each of the students in this class. This was a real treat for the students.

It is not every day that children go to school and receive a present, (especially after the holiday season) particularly a coat. It is acts of kindness like this; the church donating the coats to the students, that people appreciate. In a world where most people are selfish, it is refreshing to see how a small act of generosity goes a long way.

Sister Sandra Hawker, Sister Zethea Bushelle-Thompson, Sister Doreen Clarke, and Brother Mark Elliottin personally came to the class and distributed the coats to the students.

PS 346 would like to thank the New Hope Family Worship Center, which is located at 817 Livonia Avenue in Brooklyn for donating the coats.

Photo courtesy of: PS 346