PS 346’s Virtual Graduation

By Pamela Stern

On June 25th Abe Stark Primary School 346’s (PS 346) fifth grade graduation was held virtually on Zoom. Families were anxious to celebrate the amazing accomplishments of these 5th graders.

Principal Kevin Caifa addressed the 5th graders with an inspiring speech and wished them well as they moved from elementary school to middle school. The assembly of the students on Zoom started with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. All of the speeches were filmed prior to the virtual graduation. Teachers and faculty presented their own messages to the students through photographs of them holding up signs to the graduates.

Assistant Principals, Ms. Andreanna Balkaran and Dr. Vafiadi addressed the 5th graders and expressed how thrilled they were with this class of 5th graders, and how well they handled the remote learning.

Alyssa Jackson, Vice President of PS 346’s Class of 2020 spoke to her class and inspired them to look forward to middle school.

There was a slide show presentation of messages from their teachers, photos from throughout the school year and screenshots of the online classes. Congratulations to PS 346’s Class of 2020.

Screenshots by Pamela Stern