Remastered Games for the Nintendo Switch

Ninetendo SwitchBY DEAN MOSES

Game: Octodad: Dadliest Catch and Rogue Trooper Redux
Platform Reviewed on: Nintendo Switch
Rating: Octodad is rated E for Everyone; Rogue Trooper Redux is rated T for Teen
Cost: Octodad: Dadliest Catch $14.99; Rogue Trooper Redux is $24.99

This week we are bringing you not one but two reviews, both for the Nintendo Switch.

Octodad: Deadlest Catch

Octodad Deadlest Catch

If there is a more comedic concept for a video game, I have never heard of it. The plot centers around an octopus that just so happens to be masquerading as a human being (complete with a suit and tie)—but
not just any human: A husband and father, and it is the player’s job to help him remain hidden in plain
sight. You may ask how do you do this? Well, by completing every day, mundane tasks such as performing chores around the house and picking up groceries from the supermarket without seeming suspicious.

The problem is these easy sounding errands are not so easy for a bright yellow mollusk dressed in human clothing. The controls are purposefully finicky, making for hilariously slapstick moments as Octodad flails, slips, and wiggles while attempting something routine like mowing the lawn. He is similar to one of those inflatable tube men found at car washes, aimlessly writhing about while bystanders look on bemused and amused. Onlookers provide the challenge Octodad must overcome. If you knock down racks of fruit and
vegetables at the supermarket or mow over your wife’s flowerbed, those nearby will begin to see\ through your disguise, which voids the aim of the game: to go unnoticed.

We feel for Octodad and his fear of being discovered and perhaps being sent back to the ocean where he becomes just another—excuse my pun—fish in the sea. Unfortunately for our aquatic friend there is a far worse monster prowling his residential neighborhood than any undersea monster he may have
encountered. Decked out in white, a chief bent on capturing Octodad springs out of nowhere to cook up
our protagonist, leaving us to help him escape in all manner of amusing ways.

The game also includes multiplayer, so you can have destructive fun with a pal as you share control
over Octodad’s wild limbs. This is where the experience produces some truly laugh out loud


Octodad: Deadliest Catch is charming, fun, and most of all, funny. Porting the game to the Nintendo Switch is how it’s meant to be played—in short and explosive bursts.

Rogue Trooper Redux

Rogue Trooper Redux

This is a remastered title hitting all major consoles; its original release was back in 2006. Based on
the comic book series from 200 AD, the plot follows Rouge, a genetically enhanced super soldier in a battalion of genetically enhanced super soldiers. This is an all-out war, which can be seen from the get-go as the blue-skinned Norts descend upon the planet of Nu-Earth. Regrettably for Rouge and his comrades the Southers—their enemies—are waiting for them. As they hurtle toward the planet’s surface in small space capsules, they are blasted from the sky, leaving only Rouge and a few other troops left alive. Luckily for Rouge and friends death is not the end. Rouge can remove a computer chip from the corpses of the fallen and place it in his gear—such as a gun or helmet—allowing them to continue guiding him and even the ability to contribute physically by taking control of a firearm and defending him. This adds a lot to the gameplay, creating some unique moments.

This remaster does not see much improvement in terms of visuals, in fact they appear visibly dated. The rough and unpolished textures show the game’s age and can occasionally look downright crude. However, it’s not always about looks. This is an older game and it has that older game feel, not better than the current generation and not worse, just a different, distinct feel that is instantly recognizable as a mid-2000’s game. During this time, I played video games often, so it was a satisfying feeling playing this almost choppy but fun gung-ho, kill everything in sight play style again. There are some stealth sections, but they are not mandatory, and you will probably find yourself reverting to your previous guns blazing format.

Rouge Trooper Redux is not trying to implement any groundbreaking gameplay feature; it is, however, trying to provide you with a good time, especially with the inclusion of an online co-op mode.


Rouge Trooper Redux is all about forgetting your troubles and laying waste to hordes of bad guys for an
hour or two. The problem is that the gaming world has evolved so much since it was originally released, and so have its players. I reviewed this title on the Nintendo Switch, and being able to play this game on the go did a lot for the experience. If you have a Switch and you want to pick this up, it’s the best way to play it—
even if the controls can, at times, feel a little awkward.