Remote Learning with the Starrett Early Learning Center


The Starrett Early Learning Center’s (SELC) teachers are working with students remotely. “It is our goal to help you and your child maintain a daily regimen inclusive of fun and developmental learning opportunities,” said Tammy Moore, SELC Director.

SELC staff provides a schedule of activities for students using Class DoJo (an online program many schools utilize to share the student’s digital portfolios, classroom work, and message boards for parents).

During the first few weeks of remote learning, the students explored the animal kingdom, discussing habitats, preferred food, and animals sounds. The children drew butterflies, baby chicks, cows, and elephants. Aiden drew an elephant and explained to his teacher that he liked them because they are strong.

Another student showed off their chameleon plush toy, which Ms. Amy and Ms. Chelsea both responded with “Wow, that is so cool!”

Class DoJo is a free online platform designed for schools that provides everything teachers will need to remain connected to students and families.  SELC teachers are able to share activities that students can respond to from home via video, photo, journal entry or drawing.  Teachers can send direct messages to families, share lessons or announcements and assign specific activities to students.  Class DoJo also allows parents to upload and share messages, videos, and pictures of the students participating in their daily assignments.

Together, the parents can communicate with each other about their experiences and how the children are coping. In addition, parents are always able to contact teachers from 8: 30 am to 3:15 pm daily through Class DoJo or Zoom. These platforms will also be utilized for their Parent Teacher Conferences.

Some of the assignments suggested are physical activities to keep children moving. There are family workout sessions that include stretching, moving, wiggling arms, and light cardio. The SELC teachers encourage the families’ message posts on Class DoJo, in one instance the teachers wrote, “That was a great workout. Keep moving your bodies every day.”

The children also had fun exploring the properties and concepts of water. Ms. Kimaura and Ms. Tiffany illustrated this by filling up a plastic container with water and then used sponges and blocks to demonstrate how the balance of weight factors in to show what floats and what sinks.

They also learned about shapes and how to identify them. The class experimented with circles and triangles, and made paper cutouts, arranging them into ice cream cones, which they then decorated.
Once the students complete their activities, the parents uploaded pictures and videos of their responses. Alani told her teachers on the message board, “I like vanilla ice cream with sprinkles,” while another child, Eli said, “Strawberry ice cream with sprinkles is so yummy!”

The SELC staff has truly created a Rolodex of activities to keep the children’s minds sharp, and allow them to think critically and creatively. Each of these projects are fun for the whole family and can be re-created all year round.

Photos courtesy of SELC Staff and Parents