Reporter’s Notebook: Experiencing the Brooklyn Sports Club’s Second Open House


On Wednesday, August 28th the Brooklyn Sports Club (BSC) hosted their second open house since the facility re-opened its doors in May. The event served as an opportunity for all potential clients to try-out the club for a full day, which also included access to the indoor swimming pool. Spring Creek Sun’s Amanda Moses was on hand to see what the club has to offer since its renovation.

Last Wednesday’s BSC Open House was the perfect opportunity for potential members to see what the club is like on a daily basis. Anyone interested in attending simply stopped by the reception desk, introduced themselves as someone interested in joining the club (showing an ID), and then had immediate access to the fitness floor. Upon entering this section of the BSC, you are greeted with the sight of freshly polished wooden floors, dozens of exercise machines, an overhead view of the indoor pool, and a wide array of fitness tools. Personally, I am still branching out my understanding of a proper workout routine that works well with my body and schedule. So instead of trying out all of the new equipment, especially the items located on the artificial turf, I stuck with the cardio section.

There are so many machines to choose from, and at first it can feel a little intimidating because everyone seems to know what they are doing. Members have access to stair-climbing workouts, tread-mills, rowing machines, ellipticals, bikes, and other options. Some machines have instructions on them, and if you are unsure of what to do, there are BSC trainers and staff available for questions.

I decided to use the Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT), an open stride machine that gives you a total body workout. At first, you may confuse this machine as another elliptical, however, it targets more muscles allowing you to change your strides from running to climbing while also pushing and pulling the handle bars. This equipment measures your heart rate, strides made, calories burned and even distance covered. Many of the BSC machines come equipped with workout programs, such as the AMT’s weight loss activity. This activity allows you to choose between aerobic or fat burner. There are other programs to try, but I decided to do a basic fat burner workout.

After one hour on the AMT machine, maintaining my own pace, I managed to burn close to 700 calories while covering 5.42 miles with my average stride per minute being 91. I was drenched in sweat, and my arms and legs ached from exercising for so long. I wasn’t horribly sore and that might be due to the AMT machine targeting particular muscles or the fact that I was just proud that I reached my exercise goal for the day. Once I cooled down, I did a few leg and arm presses, and I then I knew that my body needed to relax.

Before throwing in the towel after using a cardio machine for an hour, I took advantage of the open house’s pool access. Prior to using the pool, members are asked to wear a swim cap. If you do not own one, you can purchase one at the reception desk for under $5. I swam in the pool for about 20 minutes, and even did some aqua-tic lunges with water weights.
I ended my workout with a 10 minute break in the steam room, which soothed any aches I had after being active for so long. Other members could use the sauna, but I preferred the feeling of being surrounded by cloudy, hot steam.

My BSC Open House experience was great. I was able to use the equipment I was familiar with, have access to a large pool and relax in the steam room. You can even shower after your workout if you’d like.

If you are interested in trying out the facility, there is another open house tomorrow, September 7th from 12 pm to 5 pm. The BSC will also be hosting a HealthyNYC Expo from 10 am to 3 pm that same day too. For more information, contact the BSC at 718-642-2720.

Photos by Amanda Moses