Resident Evil: Returning to the Birthplace of Horror

GamerBy Dean Moses

These days horror video games can be a rare commodity. Most of the well-known titles, such as Dead Space and Silent hill, have been turned into more of an action experience than a frightening one. Back in 1996 there was a game PlayStation owners both loved and feared to play, that game was Resident Evil. Widely regarded as one of the most terrifying games of all time, Resident Evil was remade in 2002 for the GameCube to scare again, and now it is back once more… this time in high definition.

 You Enter The Mansion, Where You Think It Is Safe

 The gamer can play as either Jill or Chris, who are members of a Special Forces unit tasked with investigating the outskirts of a fictional metropolis named Raccoon City, where there have been reports of murders. Soon after arriving, the group is attacked by a pack of ravenous dogs, so the team’s only option is to take refuge in a nearby mansion, which was abandoned years earlier—or so they believed. Once inside, it is the player’s job to explore this gigantic house in hopes of both finding a way to escape what drove them there and from what lurks within the walls of the nightmare they have now entered.

 You Look Better With Age

 Resident Evil’s visual upgrade and conversion to high definition is certainly worth the $20 price tag, even if you are buying the game for a third time. The act of listening to the loud crunches of your footsteps as bursts of lightning illuminates otherwise dark rooms can be unnerving.

Dust particles drifting by a window in the moonlight sets the spooky haunted house tone, even all these years later. However, character models are not quite as graphically appealing as their surroundings when compared with other games around today, (even though they’ve had a new coat of paint splashed over them) and the voice acting can be laughable at times. But, such things are forgivable for a game well over ten years old.

 Meeting the Residents

 Creeping about the halls of this colossal house are zombies, a lot of zombies. Yet, you don’t have too much to fear from these dead fellows, for they are slow and cumbersome. The player can easily zigzag around them, as long as there is enough room to maneuver in the sometimes tight passages you find yourself in. The problem comes when you shoot your new dead friends. If left unattended they will rise again, this time with the ability to run. The only thing that can be done to prevent the corpses’ uprising is to burn their bodies with scarcely available kerosene. As the gamer progresses through the manor, zombies will soon become the least of their worries. When most at ease undead dogs will burst through windows. After aiding a fellow survivor, a gigantic, poisonous snake will be ready to devour the main character. Along with many more shocks ready to alarm and dismay the player.

 A Good Place to Stay

 After you have saved yourself from the mansion there are still plenty of reasons to return. With two playable characters, each with their own unique adventure to be had, and unlockable costumes, you may find yourself spending a great deal of time within this spooky old mansion, who knows? You may even take up permanent residence.

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