Résumé Mistakes To Avoid

(NAPS) — Listing responsibilities and nothing else on your résumé is not a good idea. Rattling off your duties says very little. Detail what you achieved instead.

 For your résumé to stand out in a good way, avoid these common blunders:

• Typos: Spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors tell the reader you don’t care. If you can’t bother to proofread your résumé, why should someone bother to hire you? You may make mistakes without even realizing it, so filter your résumé through a professional editing service.

• Sassy_chick_69@hotmail.com: No. Get a respectable account.

• Buzzwords: Motivated, team leader, results-oriented, proven track record…. Too many adjectives looks like you’re overcompensating for a lack of real skills.

• Weird hobbies: Employers like to see that you have passion, but the charity you support may be a better example than the Civil War re-enactment troupe you lead.

It’s worth the extra effort to put together an error-free résumé so you’re not disqualified before you even reach the starting line. Have your résumé checked over by a service.