Rethink Those Bland Vacations

BY David Uffington

If you’re planning to take a vacation, consider making this the year you do something different.

  • Take a child’s interest or a hobby of yours and turn it into a vacation. Don’t send your child to space camp when the whole family can visit the Kennedy Space Center and expand your adventures from there across Florida.
  • If you’ve worked for years on your family tree but it still has holes, consider planning a tour of state archives, museums and genealogical sources.
  • Throw a dart (literally) at a wall map of the U.S. and go online to research what’s nearby that could turn into a vacation spot.
  • If prospecting for gold or gems appeals to you, search online for gem and mineral associations in the states you’ll visit. They’re your best bet for dig locations to suggest.
  • Start now to investigate things to do in towns and cities new to you. Contact the Chamber of Commerce in those locations for packets of information. While you have them on the phone, ask about things generally known only to the locals that you might otherwise miss.
  • If the family loves hiking, collect state park maps of hiking trails and plan a week of visits.
  • Want interesting and cheaper accommodations at your destination.

If you’re going to a foreign country and will need a passport, don’t wait until the last minute. From time of application, it can take four to six weeks for a routine application. If you ask for expedited service, you could have your passport within eight days … but expect to receive it in three weeks. Expedited also will cost you an additional $60.




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