SCCC Teams Up With PS 346 to Purchase iPads for Students

The Spring Creek Community Corp. (SCCC) After School Program teamed up with Abe Stark Primary School (PS) 346 and successfully secured a $5,000 Oak Tree Capital Grant, awarding electronic devices to PS 346.

Earlier this year, SCT Youth Director, Eurydice Robinson worked with Spring Creek After School Program’s group leader LaShonda Brathwaite and PS 346 educator, Loretta Coombs to fill the growing need of technology within the elementary school.  After learning about the Oak Tree Capital Grant from Brathwaite, Robinson connected with Coombs to apply for the grant to purchase 16 iPads for PS 346 students.

“I am grateful that we were able to provide 16 iPads to our local elementary school PS 346 and delighted to be able to work as a team with PS 346 to provide support to families,” Robinson said.

Principal Jabari Edwards shared that these iPads will be prioritized for kindergarteners, special needs, and language learners (students whose first language is not English).

“The iPads grant students access to much-needed technology. The recent turn of events caused by the COVID-19 virus has ushered in what I believe to be an educational revolution. A system that has largely remained stagnant for decades was upended and forced to adopt a 21st-Century approach to teaching and learning. And guess who has the most to gain from this revolution? African American and Hispanic students, the marginalized and often underserved. Thank you, Oak Tree, for helping P.S. 346 level the playing field,” Principal Edwards said.

Once the school year is finished, the students will return the iPads so that the memory can be reset for others to use in the fall.

“I’m so grateful and excited the iPads came in. Thank you, Oak Tree, for giving our children this amazing donation. This is a great opportunity for the students to be engaged. It gives them a sense of independence to be able to do their own work with ease. Each day we hear from so many of the students, continuing to say how much they love school and it’s easier to do their work with the iPads. As a teacher I can use it in classroom, the possibilities are endless,” Coombs said, showcasing her gratitude.

Photos by Eurydice Robinson