SCRF UGC Celebrates End of the Year

By Amanda Moses

On June 24th, Spring Creek Towers’ (SCT) Youth Programs culminated the school year with their annual End of Year Performance. However, this year, the extravaganza ended virtually, where instructors worked together to showcase their students’ efforts throughout the school year and the last few months where they all worked remotely.

Garden Educator, Jacqui Roytman displayed a beautiful slideshow, exhibiting the wonders of the Spring Creek Recreational Fund’s (SCRF) Urban Garden Classroom (UGC). It is truly a place where children can imagine, create, learn, connect, reflect, and support each other through Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) lessons.

“At the garden, we believe that student’s experiences outside of school are just as meaningful as their experiences inside,” Roytman stated in her slideshow.

The slideshow showed the transitions of each season. Last summer, campers explored the garden and its summer harvest, as well as learned the importance of watering plants and weeding during the sweltering hot season. The children were able to taste freshly grown strawberries, kale, and other summer produce.

In the fall, Roytman re-introduced the children to the garden using books, such as “That’s Not a Daffodil” and other literary stories. She reiterated the importance of pollinators and planting seeds that will sleep over the cold winter months and then blossom in the spring (such as Red Emperor Tulips).

On cold, rainy fall days and during the winter, the lessons were held indoors, where they learned about scarecrows, pumpkins, and what farmers do to prepare for spring planting. The students experimented with capillary action and learned all about aquaponics and hydroponics.

After the schools closed due to the Pandemic garden activities transitioned to remote learning. Roytman created a virtual class called “Science is Real,” where students performed scientific experiments and learned how to grow a garden at home using leftover vegetable stalks (such as carrot tops and avocado seeds).

Roytman’s amazing slideshow took everyone on a journey, exploring the UGC’s vast garden beds, the creative classroom activities, and the imaginative virtual lessons at home. “We continue to help students to achieve their aims and goals: Developing as a whole person, and enabling them to develop the life long learning capabilities that are needed in our ever changing society. We hope you will continue to learn with us as we join each other – to grow together,” Roytman said.

Screenshots by Amanda Moses