SCSP Celebrates International Women’s Day


On March 8th, Spring Creek Senior Partners (SCSP) held their annual event honoring Inter-national Women’s Day in the office’s multipurpose room at G5. This worldwide celebration (also known as United Nations (UN) Day for Women’s Rights and Inter-national Peace) commemorates women’s social, economic, cultural and political achievements throughout history. This year’s theme is #PressforProgress, which calls for everyone to press forward toward empowering women and advocating for gender equality.

In light of the gender inclusive activism and sexual abuse awareness occurring around the world with #TimesUp and #Metoo movements, SCSP wanted the seniors to learn more about the women who have blazed trails and defied the odds to create a more gender inclusive environment. Event coordinator, Anya Buberman, started their event with a video portraying influential women speaking out on building a better world.

“I want you to reflect about your personal experiences and what made you feel strong as a woman,” Buberman said.

Many of the participants agreed wholeheartedly that women go above any beyond with their work and family life. “We are all super-women. Anytime I see a female construction worker, or a female working in a male dominated field, I give them a thumbs up. We have to uplift each other,” Gaylin Bailey said smiling.

Buberman hoped that the video helped inspire the seniors, and to make sure it made an impact she then proceeded to hand out crayons. “Today we are tapping into our artistic side; we are going to color pictures of famous women who broke barriers and changed the world,” she said to the group of attendees.

The first picture she held up was a “Wanted” sign with Harriet Tubman’s image. “She was an abolitionist who saved about seventy enslaved people using the Underground Railroad,” Buberman said handing the coloring page to one of the seniors. Other notable figures the seniors learned about were: Susan B. Anthony, Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, Betsy Ross, Ada Lovelace, Marie Curie, Valentina Tereshova, Michelle Obama, Hilary Clinton, Sonia Sotomayor, and Malala Yousafzai.

While coloring, the seniors discussed the lasting effect these influential women have had on the world and their lives. Some of them even discussed recent discoveries, like the supposed findings of Amelia Earhart’s bones on a Pacific island.

“I think the event went well. The seniors got to sit with pictures of powerful women, and I wanted them to draw connections by relating to these monumental figures. I believe that every woman at some point has done something meaningful in their lives,” Buberman said.