SCSP Holds Stress Management Workshop

On Wednesday) June 5th, Spring Creek Senior Partners (SCSP) held a Stress Manage-ment Workshop. This work-shop was an hour long and was presented by Victoria Leach and Azanya Mc-Donald, who are under-graduate interns from Gut-tman College, who are ma-joring in Human Services. These interns have been assisting SCSP for a year.
Twenty residents attended the Stress Management Workshop. Some of the main highlights of this workshop were; learning about the various types of stress, ways that stress affects the body, participants were taught stress management techniques along with a guided mediation and breathing exercises.

The workshop was split into three parts

• The theory, where the seniors diligently listened to the presenters
• The Q & A, where the presenters answered questions that the seniors had
• The Practical, where the seniors were able to practice the techniques they were just taught

Anya Buberman, coordinator of Volunteer and Special Projects of Spring Creek Senior Partners, Inc. really liked the format and thought that it left the audience content. “I thought the workshop went very well. Seniors learned to identify types of stress and some techniques to cope with stress. They engaged in a group discussion and shared their experience related to the issue. Also helpful handouts were also given to the seniors that included hands-on techniques that seniors could practice at home as well as free resources that they could utilize when in crisis,” said Buberman.

Photo courtesy of: SCSP