SCSP’s Costume Extravaganza


On Friday, October 26th, Spring Creek Senior Partners (SCSP) held their annual Halloween party in their multipurpose room at 160 Schroeders Avenue. The spooktacular event invited older adults living in the Spring Creek Towers’ (SCT) community to come dressed in their costumes, and enjoy an afternoon of music, dancing, snacks, and trivia games.

Orange and black decorations covered the walls of the SCSP multipurpose room, along with creepy wide-eyed skeletons and grinning Jack-o-lanterns. Music like Monster Mash and other fun tunes emanated from the office, inviting all to be enraptured by the Halloween festivities.

SCSP Coordinator of Volunteers & Special Projects, Anya Buberman, planned the event to be a fun occasion for the seniors to enjoy. “We thought it would be a good idea for our seniors to get together for an event as playful and festive as Halloween,” Buberman said. She came dressed to impress, wearing a beautiful red and black pirate costume, and was pleased to see that the other seniors joined in on the revelries by wearing their own Halloween accessories and costumes. One person wore a witch’s hat, while another person wore a Japanese kimono. Even HUD Service Coordinator, Denise Ruiz, was ready to party with her Wonder Woman costume. She and several other seniors with masks looked like a bunch of caped crusaders ready to battle any villain that comes their way.

“Those who didn’t have a costume were excited to wear masks and head pieces we provided,” Buberman said happily.

After dancing and listening to music, Buberman divided the attendees into two trivia competing groups: The Terminators versus Evening Stars. Some of the questions explored the history of Halloween, such as its original name All Hallows Eve, the Salem Witch Trials, and infamous fictional horror stories, like Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein or Bram Stroker’s Dracula.

Once the trivia game culminated, Buberman invited the seniors to share their own personal ghost stories or tales that they heard from friends. Some spoke of spooky instances, others shared old folklore from their culture.

“Everyone was engaged in dancing, catching up with their neighbors, and playing a special Halloween trivia. We were delighted to see a full room with happy seniors,” Buberman said.

Photos by Amanda Moses