SCT Afterschool Students Show off Their Talent


Spring Creek Towers (SCT) has a host of after school programming available for residents, including the Spring Creek Afterschool Pro-gram, BSC Youth Symphony, Teen Central, and Judo. Throughout the school year these programs provide scholastic enrichment, team building skills, and an assortment of lessons to help further a child’s education.

On May 31st, several of these programs participated in a Multi-cultural Festival at the Brooklyn Sports Club’s (BSC) gymnasium, highlighting the many skills and artwork the students developed over the school year. The event began with an enchanting ensemble by the Youth Symphony, which is a 26-year-old program that offers weekly musical training for children attending PS 346, IS 364, Frederick Douglas Academy VIII and SCT residents in grades 3-8.

After the musical renditions, Teen Central’s Afterschool Media Club (a collaboration between Teen Central and the Afterschool program) showed off their hard work through a short film. The film featured students who worked tirelessly for months on the production of a comical mystery that involved the repercussions of too much sugar. Many of the club members worked on the silent film’s cue script, costumes, set design, filming, lighting, editing, and of course acting. The film is the first of its kind through Teen Central’s Media pro-gram, TC Vision.

In addition to Teen Central’s digital media program, it’s older members showcased their musical production skills. One of Teen Central’s older members, Mike Goddard, performed a self-written rap/song, which he created and practiced within Teen Central’s media lab. Goddard is one of many students involved in the TC Vision program, where they work on writing their own songs and lay out their tracks in Teen Central’s recording studio.

Throughout the event, the Spring Creek Afterschool Program developed scenes called the Walking Museum where they showed off various cultural creations. They hosted a fashion show that displayed traditional designs from all over the globe, a cultural dance from various parts of the nation, discussed worldwide culinary dishes, and performed a Carib-bean Carnival dance.

For many of these programs registration starts in the fall and you must be a Spring Creek Towers resident. For more information on age requirements and other information contact Eurydice Robinson at 718-240-4530.