SCT Game Night!

On Thursday, April 15th,  Spring Creek Towers  and IGOTITTOO hosted their very first Zoom Game Night! Residents enthusiastically gathered online for an hour and a half of pure fun.  This game night was moderated by IGOTITTOO’s Lab Coordinators, Jatava Sevorwell and Kenyatta Solomon.

Game night started with online Bingo. Residents were able to click on a link which allowed them to receive an online bingo card. This game was easy to play because all of the participants had their own online bingo card and when the letters and numbers were picked they clicked on the corresponding letter/number on their Bingo game card, which automatically made an “x” on that position on the game card. “This is a pretty easy way to play bingo,” said Olidia Gordon.  Sevorwell explained to the group of residents that the bingo cards can be customized and she told them the name of the website for bingo is:

Once BINGO was called the player told Jatava her card identification number, which is located on the top left of the playing card and Jatava typed in the card number so she could verify that the player indeed had BINGO. After the player’s card was verified that she was the winner, the players continued to play a round of Blackout BINGO  where players compete by completing their full BINGO card.  “I love that we can play bingo virtually like this,” said Charlene Mills. Another resident, Daisy Barrett said,” I have played bingo online  before but, not at all like this.  I  like this way of playing bingo, it is less complicated and easier.” After blackout bingo, the residents continued the game night with Wheel of Fortune.

This was pretty exciting! The residents were ready to compete in Wheel of Fortune. Each player had a turn to virtually spin the wheel, buy a vowel, or guess the puzzle. The player told Kenyatta which option they would like and he would spin the wheel for them or if they chose to buy a vowel they would tell him which one they wanted and the game would automatically let them know if the letter was in the puzzle or a big red X would appear on the screen. Each player was excited to “spin” the wheel and see how much money they would “win”.

When asked which game the residents liked better, Jeanette Curmen said, “I liked both of the games. I like the variety”. Charlene Mills said that she felt that the Wheel of Fortune went a little slower than bingo. “I would like to play Monopoly but, then again that is a long game and could go on and on,” said Mills. “I have an idea, how about let’s play charades next time,” stated Gordon. “For our 1st Game night, it was a success, we hope to have more in near future,” said Jatava Sevorwell, IGOTITTOO Lab Coordinator.  Mills said not only did she enjoy game night but, laughter is good medicine. “This is a great game to play with my family for Mother’s Day,” said Gordon.

Read the Spring Creek Sun to find out when the next game night will be held.

Screenshots by: Pamela Stern