SCTA’s Blood Drive


The Starrett City Tenants Association (SCTA) held their annual blood drive on Saturday, June 10th at the Brooklyn Sports Club (BSC). This bright and sunny day drew the attention of residents to come and give blood. “By donating one pint of blood you can save three lives,” is the slogan from the New York Blood center. Some donors came to the BSC with their donor cards, while first time donors went through a series of questions before they were called to give their blood.

DSC03967Keturah Smith came to donate her blood with her daughter, Kyrie. She had her donor’s card with her and wanted her daughter to learn the importance of giving blood. “This is so convenient to be able to give blood right here my own community. I feel obligated to give blood because I’m healthy and able to. There are a lot of people who just aren’t healthy enough to give blood,” said Smith, who is a new resident to Spring Creek Towers (SCT).

In preparation for her blood donation, Smith, meditated, had a good breakfast and drank plenty of water. “I am teaching my daughter so that she can give blood when she is older,” Smith said.

DSC03975SCT residents, Curtis Daniels Junior came to give blood with his grandmother, Sally Flowers. Flowers who has a donor’s card said that this was the first time that she was giving blood right here in her own community. “After, I retired, I would go over by my old job and give blood, but my grandson told me that he was giving his blood at the SCTA blood drive here in our community and asked me if I would go and donate my blood with him. How could I say no to my grandson? Of course, I will give blood with you. Curtis proceeded to remind me about the upcoming blood drive and again on the morning of the blood drive. We came here together. This is great to be able to give blood right here in our own community. My entire family donates blood,” said Flowers.

“My blood type of 0 positive means that I can help people with all different blood types. I know that by donating one pint of blood that I can save three lives and that is a great thing. This is my second time donating blood and I am glad that I can donate my blood right here where I live. I am glad that my grandmother came with me today too. I feel good that I gave blood, I feel like I did something good for someone. I feel since, I am healthy and well, it is good to donate blood now to help those who aren’t healthy enough to give blood and who could really benefit from my blood,” said Daniels Junior.

DSC03978Danielle Jeffrey came from Coney Island to donate her blood. Jeffrey came with her boyfriend (Richard Peña) who is a SCT resident, and decided to donate her blood because her boyfriend and his family are all blood donors. Peña wasn’t able to give blood this time because there is a time period that you have to wait in between giving blood and he would not be able to give blood again until August. “My boyfriend’s family inspired me to give blood. This is my first time ever donating my blood. I was nervous at first but, it was a painless process and took approximately 15 minutes,” said Jeffrey. “I feel great” she said after she donated her pint of blood. “I will absolutely donate again. This is a good thing to do,” said Jeffrey.

DSC03984Heather-Sky McField, a resident of East New York came to the SCTA blood drive because she saw that it was not far from her home. McField is an active blood donor who enjoys helping people. “I am in perfectly fine health and I want to help others who can use my blood. I also like the idea that they research my blood and that it is used for scientific purposes,” said McField.

“This year’s blood drive wasn’t quite as productive as previous years, but, we did have families donating their blood (mothers and daughters, grandparents and grandchildren, etc.) which was really nice to see. This annual event hopes to create an awareness for the necessity of how important blood donations are,” said SCTA President Rebecca Caraballo.

DSC03983Donors were given two tickets to the Brooklyn Sports Club, they will be mailed two tickets to a Brooklyn Cyclones game courtesy of the New York Blood Center and they are invited to a recognition party at the Brooklyn Sports Club. This is just a small token of appreciation just for donating one pint of blood.

Photos by Pamela Stern