SELC Celebrates May with Fun Remote Activities


There is an age-old saying: April showers bring May flowers. Students at the Starrett Early Learning Center (SELC) are learning all about plants that bud this time of year. Exploration into the green world is just one of many remote lessons held using Class Dojo, a free online educational platform designed to facilitate communication between teachers and families. SELC teachers share classroom activities and students can respond from home via videos, photos, journal entries, or drawings.

This month, the children in Ms. Binns’ remote class learned about the diverse flora in the world. Students learned that trees are a type of plant that can grow fruit, such as apples, coconuts, and bananas. One class member, Jasai, was so inspired he drew a tree using different shades of green, while classmate Kaliyah worked with her dad using construction paper, cotton balls, and paper towel rolls to make a three-dimensional shrub.

Students also discussed how water is essential to all living creatures. They discovered that plants need water and sunlight to grow through photosynthesis, a process plants use to turn sunlight into food (during the warmer months the leaves absorb more sunlight which creates chlorophyll, and this is what makes the leaves green).

Students in Ms. Kimaura and Ms. Tiffany’s class learned about plants being a source of food. The children created arts and crafts projects to showcase their favorite plants. Tyson and his mother created an apple tree and a cotton plant.

“As we continued to learn about why plants are important, we discussed that we build homes using the wood from trees. We explored other furniture in our homes that were made of wood,” said Ms. Kimaura and Ms. Tiffany. The teachers asked the students to use their imaginations and think about how they would design a treehouse and then make a drawing or miniature furniture models using materials found in their homes.

Alani decided to create a list of the different items she would put in her tree house. Kasen and his family built a treehouse model using popsicle sticks and other art supplies.

Ms. Ann and Ms. Dahiana’s students studied herbs and included reading, “The Gingerbread Man,” together which lead to a discussion about ginger and how it grows and is used in food preparation. Three-year-old Nathaniel drew his very own gingerbread man to share virtually with his classmates.

Screenshots courtesy of SELC Staff