Seniors Dine At Farm to Table Restaurant


On May 30th, members of Spring Creek Seniors Partners (SCSP) joined Garden Educator, Jacqui Roytman, for a culinary treat at Bay Ridge’s delectable farm-to-table restaurant, Beets and Carrots. Founded by Russian-born Chef Viacheslav Khetagurov in June 2017, Beets and Carrots is a cozy kitchen that serves fresh food from locally grown farms.

Beets and Carrots fits into SCSP’s effort to promote healthier eating habits along with a deeper insight into Roytman’s  lessons with the senior garden club. After months of hosting the garden club, Roytman decided to introduce the senior organization to her friend and renowned Brooklyn chef, Khetagurov. “Chef Khetagurov is a sweet and humble man who is a brilliant chef. His food is delicious and portioned in a way that makes you feel satisfied at the end of your meal,” said Roytman.

Every dish at Beets and Carrots is carefully crafted like an edible work of art, from a wide range of roasted carrot colors to the adornment of purple baby beets, carrots, watercress and pistachios in his Cappelletti. The SCSP members were surprised at how comfortable and serine the niche restaurant was when they first arrived. “It was such a quiet accommodations, which was perfect for our seniors. We weren’t rushed to order food and we were able to customize the meal to our dietary needs,” said Anya Buberman, SCSP’s Coordinator of Volunteers and Special Projects.

Longtime SCSP member, Phyllis Hall was extremely impressed by the menu at Beets and Carrots. She dined on the Tuscan tomato and bread soup, which had hints of basil. She then chose the vegan veggie burger for lunch. Unlike other veggie burgers, Hall says the Beets and Carrots version was large and stuffed with black beans, Swiss Chard, beets and carrots, with a side of fries. The meal was both beautiful to look at and scrumptious to eat. “It was my first time ever eating at a farm-to-table restaurant, and I enjoyed every bit of it,” Hall said.

“The entire experience was really different,” Shelia Pinder said. Pinder ate a stuffed cabbage with Amish beef, covered in a delicious tomato sauce. “I’ve never eaten something like that before, and I really liked it,” she said smiling as she reminisced about their visit.

David Guy also enjoyed his visit with his fellow SCSP Garden Club members and Roytman. “The food was fantastic! So very tasty and presented beautifully on the dish,” Guy said. He ordered shrimp and grits, which he completely loved.

Overall the field trip exposed the seniors to fresh vegetable-based meals they never thought to try. When Roytman asked them if they would ever return to the cozy restaurant in Bay Ridge during their weekly SCSP Gardening meeting, they announced loudly, “Yes, and soon too!”

For more information on Beets and Carrots, which is located at 9905 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11209, contact 718-333-5011

Photo by Anya Buberman of Spring Creek Senior Partners