Solar Powered Backpacks



By Amanda Aponte-Moses

Whether you like it or not, technology is a perpetual part of our existence; we are constantly connected to the world via smartphone when texting family members, jamming out to the latest hits on our iPod, and emailing last minute projects with our tablet. However, with all of the advancements in technology one thing has remained the same since the introduction of the first mobile device—battery life.

Over the years, tech developers have created various ways to power your devices without the use of an outlet. A portable charger can prove to be indispensable at times, like when your device is about to die but you still need it for work. All you have to do is place this small charger into your pocket or bag, and when your device needs charging, just connect your USB cord to the portable charger and, slowly but surely, your battery life will increase. It’s important to note that you must plug these chargers into an outlet, allowing them to charge themselves, before leaving your home.

There are hundreds of variations, from smartphone covers with charger packs built-in to lipstick-sized chargers, it’s up to you which version you want and how much you want to pay.

The catch with these chargers is that they need to be charged themselves: no outlet, no battery life. The latest innovation in the world of tech to solve this catch-22 dilemma is solar powered backpacks. As you trek around NYC or are sitting at your desk next to a window where the sun’s rays can penetrate your backpack, your devices can be charged. One well-known brand is the Birksun, all you have to do is place your bag in direct sunlight without your smartphone plugged in, wait 20 minutes and then, finally, connect your device to be powered up.


What is really innovational about solar powering your devices with a backpack is that you are also helping the environment. You are using a natural resource to power your tech equipment. From $100 to $300, you can buy your own solar bag. Some brands you can choose from are the aforementioned Birksun, Voltaic, ECeen, SolarGoPack and there are many more products to choose from.