Spooktacular Games for October


There are many holiday seasons throughout the year, and we all have our favorite. Some are special to us for religious reasons; others mean more to us because we can make people happy with gifts and good tidings. For me, Halloween holds a special place in my heart. October 31st is the one time all things scary and horrid are trans-formed into a day filled with fun and jokes. There is something poignant about making the unhappy happy. No other calendar date is akin to Halloween evening, the dusk drawing in as you and a friend or loved one snuggle up to watch a horror film while trick or treaters bombard your door with an unquenchable appetite for candy. But don’t forget, if you want to do Halloween right you will also need to set the mood with the appropriate video games.

So, in honor of this month’s creepy nature, here are the top four video games you need to play before October ends.

Game: Bioshock: The Collection Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC
Rating: M for Mature

While not technically classified as a horror title, BioShock stands out to me as not only one of the best first-person shooters of all time, but also one that has some of the most memorable scares. Placed in the perspective of an unnamed character after an airplane cascades into the sea, the player comes across and must explore a secret under-water city crafted by the world’s greatest artists, engineers, and visionaries. Originally conceived by creators as an unmatched utopia, somehow, someway evaporated into an abandoned Atlantis inhabited by leftover killer residents driven mad by a failed political idea. The horror comes into play thanks to lengths the rabid sea dwellers will go to protect their tiny piece of Eden.

Game: Friday the 13th
Platform: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
Rating: M for Mature

Now available for every major video game console, including Nintendo’s hybrid system, Friday the 13th is the perfect Halloween game to experience with friends. Based on the legendary, long-running film series of the same name, this online multiplayer outing allows you to team up or hunt down friends in a variety of recognizable locals. As mentioned, there are two ways to play, the first of which being the killer himself Jason Voorhees. Taking the role of this masked maniac pits you against eight other players whose prime objective is to escape your murderous grasp before you chop them to bits. On the other hand, if you are a camp counselor you must work together to evade, distract, trick, and perhaps—if you are both skilled and lucky enough—even kill Jason. This cat and mouse game is the perfect addition to any Halloween night.

Game: OutLast
Platform: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and MAC
Rating: M for Mature

Outlast is one of the few games that fires relentless, rapid jump scares at you while also producing an unsettling sense of dread and helplessness through the game’s entire run time. The player takes the role of a video journalist who enters a psychiatric hospital with his trusty camera in order to video-tape alleged wrongdoings within the institution. The videography mechanic is both unique and frightening. Not only do you unlock bonus material by filming key, macabre moments, it is also a necessary element when you must use its night vision feature if you wish to have any hope of progressing through the darkened areas. This game is not about killing your attackers, you can only run, hide, and, of course, film.

Game: Resident Evil 2 (Remake) Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
Rating: M for Mature

There is no name in video games more consistently synonyms with horror other than the Resident Evil franchise, and while there are titles in the series that have greater stories or are held in higher regard, this year’s Resident Evil 2’s game-play has been fine tuned to an almost perfect degree. The claustrophobic feeling of being trapped in the Racoon City Police Department with few other survivors to keep you company along with the zombies and other monsters will make your hair stand on end. Players can select from one of two protagonists: Leon S. Kennedy and Clare Redfield. Depending on whom you choose, the narrative will differ slightly, adding extra replay value. Solving puzzles, re-killing the undead and fleeing from the unharmable tyrant is an experience unlike any other, and one perfect for this Halloween.

And there you have it, four horror video games to chill your blood this scary season. Some honorable mentions include the wacky, Twin Peaks inspired world of Deadly Premonition and one of my personal favorite games of all time Alan Wake. Also if you are in the mood for something horrifyingly difficult, Evil Within and Evil Within 2 are also survival horror classics. Don’t pass these by!