Spooky Fun at Spring Creek Towers


During the month of October, the Spring Creek Towers’ (SCT) community embraced the Halloween spirit by hosting fall activities for everyone to enjoy. Some residents celebrated the scary festivities by decorating their lobbies with ghosts and bats.The community hosted events from October 28th until November 2nd, some focused on incorporating the fall harvest season with farmer costumes, inviting children to pick pumpkins and eat candy apples, while others concentrated on frightening albeit fun activities.
Spring Creek Teen Central kicked off the week of Halloween with four days of spooktacular festivities in their office, which is located in the lower level of the Brooklyn Sports Club. The programming included: Scary Movie Day, Creepy Makeup Tutorials, Escape Room extravaganza, and costume karaoke.

Teen Central’s lounge was decked out in Halloween décor, creating an eerie ambiance for members to revel in as they comfortably watched Hotel Transylvania (a Disney cartoon following the lives of a family of vampires who manage a hotel for monsters). The teens sat with their friends on chairs and bean bags enjoying some snacks while they waited for Teen Central Director, Lonai Mosley, to make a fresh batch of popcorn.

The next day, Mosley gave members a creepy makeup tutorial using latex, tea bags, and body paint. Together they were able to create fake scabs, scars and other monstrous designs on their arms. Scary makeup was also included in Teen Central’s Escape Room (a puzzle activity that requires attendees to work as a team answering riddles to exit the room). Mosley dressed as a Vampire Countess and she helped create an absolutely horrifying costume for Teaching Artist, Eileen Level, who was a mute undead creature. With a large amount of fake blood, Level was able to scare the teens while they tried to figure out the Escape Room puzzles. The final event occurred on Halloween, when teens dressed in costume and
sang karaoke.

On October 29th, Abe Stark Primary School held their annual fall harvest event in their gymnasium. Students were asked to dress like farmers, donning overalls, flannel shirts, and cowboy hats. The event was coordinated by the Parent Teacher Association, who worked tirelessly to drape the gymnasium with hay, pumpkins and other farm-like décor. Each grade took turns entering the faux farmland, where they received a bag of candy apples, pumpkins, candy, and apple cider.

On October 31st, the Brooklyn Sports Club joined the splendor of Halloween by inviting members and staff to wear their best costumes. The facility was a spectacle to behold for all who entered the building. There were ghosts, ghouls, and cobwebs hanging from every corner. Two of the staff members dressed like the undead twins from the film The Shining, while others took on a more Sci-Fi appearance with their Star Wars attire. There were aliens, skeletons and even Bat Woman on hand to help you with your daily workout.

On November 2nd, the Starrett City Tenants Association (SCTA) held their Annual Harvest Festival. This event included an inflatable Rock Wall for children to climb and slide down, a pumpkin patch, a bean bag toss, a high striker, candy, beverages, and music. Some children came dressed as pretty princesses while others were ready to scare their neighbors as werewolves and ghosts.

Photos by Amanda Moses, Spring Creek Teen Central, and SCTA