Spring Creek After School Program Celebrates Black History


On March 13th, the Spring Creek After School Program held their annual Black History Month show in PS 346 for parents, teachers, and fellow students. Event coordinators, Randi Ray and Gavin Edey, developed a concert that incorporated contemporary music, riveting step routines, traditional African dance, and so much more.

One by one the students gathered into PS 346’s auditorium dressed in all black with their fists in the air, paying homage to Black History with the universal symbol of solidarity. The Masters of Ceremonies (MCs) were Site Supervisor, Crystal Bandie and eight-year-old, Saniya Gray who introduced the first act—a powerful step routine. The children’s fast-paced movements were performed in perfect unison, leaving audience members in awe of their talent.

The next act was an all-girl performance, featuring traditional African dance. The group of girls wore African stylized headscarves and skirts, and danced to Beyoncé’s “Who Run the World (Girls).” Many of the attendees clapped their hands along with the beat, cheering on the children.

The culminating segment of the After School Program’s show involved the pre-kindergarten children dressed in their future career outfits. Some wore civic uniforms such as doctors, fire fighters, police officers, and teachers, while others donned capes for their career as wrestlers or aprons for their ensuing work as chefs and artists. In addition to announcing what they wanted to be in the future, the children sang along to Nas’ “I Know I Can.”
Attendees gave the performance a standing ovation and as everyone prepared to leave, MCs Saniya Gray and Crystal Bandie thanked the guests for coming.

Gray was pleased with the performance even though she had pre-show jitters. “It was weird when I first got on stage during rehearsals, but as I kept practicing I got more comfortable. I learned a lot from our show like how girls can do anything boys can do, and that Black History Month celebrates the people who changed the past for a better future,” Gray said after the show.

Photos by Amanda Moses