Spring Creek After School Students LEAP into Fun

Spring Creek After School Program students in the second and third grades are participating virtually in the Learning Through An Expanded Arts Program (LEAP)and creating arts projects influenced by Alberto Giacometti, the famous sculptor, painter, draftsman and printmaker.

At the start of the virtual session, LEAP instructor Ms. Wendy immediately engaged   the students by prompting them to express how they have been feeling by using their fingers.  Holding up one finger for “Great, two for “Okay” or three fingers for “Not So Good”.  All of the students happily responded that they are doing great.

Class continued with seated exercises and stretches. With bodies warmed up and creative energies pumping, the students were ready to delve into the art of Giacometti.   

While the youngsters saw Giacometti’s work, they were also enhancing their vocabulary. This lessons’ words were sculpture, shadow, and drawing. As the children learned about Giacometti and his artwork, they were able to see patterns in paintings and sculptures.  Once the art history lesson finished, they were ready for their fun project, which was to make a Giacometti inspired aluminum foil sculpture.

Ms. Wendy reviewed the “art” supplies the students  would work with to create their Giacometti inspired art: pencil, permanent marker (in any color), two to three sheets of blank paper, their sketchbook that they previously created, scissors, and one piece of aluminum foil 8 ½ X 11, and tape.  

With Ms. Wendy’s guidance the children first marked the aluminum foil with their pencils. They drew two vertical lines at the top of the aluminum foil almost like a “V”, and then they drew two horizontal lines on the right on the left half way through the foil  the (imagine at the numbers 3 and 9 on a clock).  They then drew a vertical line from the bottom of the aluminum foil up almost half way up. Once these lines were drawn, they then went over them with the permanent marker.

They labeled each area: the top was labeled “head,” the center was labeled torso, and to the right and left of that they labeled the arms and legs.  

Ms. Wendy instructed them to cut on the lines they created. The students had now created the arms, legs, head, and torso for their individual sculptures which when taped together would create a free-standing figure.

Screenshots by: Pamela Stern