Spring Creek Afterschool Program Brings Families and Students Together


The Spring Creek Afterschool Program works to further students’ education and continuously encourages parental involvement through various activities and events. In honor of the fostering environment afterschool programs provide for children, the Afterschool Alliance Network launched a campaign in 2000 called, “Lights On Afterschool.”

On October 22nd, the Spring Creek Afterschool program hosted “Lights On,” which highlighted the important role that the Spring Creek Afterschool program plays in the lives of the children, families and in the community. During the course of the event, parents and children were able to come together in PS 346’s cafeteria to participate in various arts and crafts activities.

“Lights On Afterschool,” was not the only event held by the Spring Creek Afterschool Program this fall. Students and their family members, along with the program’s staff were able to celebrate Thanksgiving on November 20th. Spring Creek Afterschool Program Director, Jeremy Williams said, “Students performed a short presentation of what they were thankful for. Parents /guardians had an opportunity to feast with their children and the Afterschool Program’s staff.”

The Afterschool Program is available for students enrolled in PS 346 (grades pre-kindergarten to fifth grade), for more information call 718-942-1789 or 718-240-4630.

Photos courtesy of the Spring Creek Afterschool Program