Spring Creek Afterschool Program Successfully Collaborates on Annual Carnival


The Spring Creek Afterschool program had their carnival on January 21, 2016 at P.S. 346. This is the first time that they collaborated on an event with the Italian American Civil Rights League Afterschool Program and what a success it was!

This carnival had 150 participants. Booths and stations were divided between both the cafeteria and the gym. Some of the booths and stations were: Tissue Paper Races, Pie Eating Contests, Scooter Cart Races, Fishing for Animals, Jewelry Making, Can Toss, Popcorn, and Cotton Candy.

In order to allow all of the students to have an opportunity to participate in each of the booths and stations that were set up, the students were separated into groups. The first group was the kindergarten to second graders. The second group was the third graders through the fifth graders. Each group of students had a grand time.

This carnival was a success because of the help and dedication of the parents and members of the community. There were 15 parent volunteers along with members of the Spring Creek Lions Club who assisted with the booths and stations.

According to the Afterschool Spring Creek Program Director, Jeremy Williams,” We would definitely look forward to doing the carnival again with the Italian American Civil Rights League Afterschool Program. The planning with them was a great success, both staff members supported each other and we were able to split the expenses so, it wouldn’t fall solely on one group. In addition, since we both occupy the school building after 3pm, it was a positive and joyful experience on all students that we service.”

Photos courtesy of: Spring Creek Afterschool Program