Spring Creek Afterschool Program’s Family Harvest Feast


The students the in the Spring Creek Afterschool Program took the time to learn what family values are during the holidays. They learned about how various cultures celebrate holidays and their

On November 18th, the Spring Creek Afterschool program had a Family Harvest Feast from 4-6 pm. There was a great turnout of approximately 50 parents, 85 students and a staff of 15, who came to enjoy and help out with the feast. Upon entering this grand feast the fourth grade and fifth grade students entertained everyone with some festive Latin/Caribbean sounds.

At this feast, all of the students in the afterschool program played a different part of the celebration.
Everyone received kudos for their participation for the big day. Kindergartners through second
graders created place-mats and hats for the annual family day celebration. These mats and hats of
course donned traditional turkey day symbolism on them. These children knew all about the existence of Thanksgiving.

Three to five of the third grade students spoke to the crowd about what they are thankful for this year.
They did a presentation of history while they were reciting what they were thankful for and why they were thankful.

unspecifiedFourth grade and fifth grade students showed off their musical talents by performing drum solos as the parents were being seated.

Spring Creek Towers Afterschool Program Director, Jeremy Williams said, “This event was a great opportunity to remind students and families of the importance of coming together as one. Many parents were in attendance and sat amongst their children while the students mingled with each other and fostered new relationships with others whom they hadn’t had an opportunity to before this Family Harvest Feast.”
Photos courtesy of: Spring Creek Afterschool Program