Spring Creek Afterschool Students Travel to an Interactive Museum

While students were off from school on Thursday, June 8, 2017 for Brooklyn/Queens Day, many children decided to sleep in later and enjoy their day off from school; however, 28 students in the Spring Creek Afterschool program woke up early and got ready for their threehour trip to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to visit an interactive museum called “Please Touch Me.”

The students anxiously boarded the bus at 8 am and were ready to travel to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Program participants were excited to go on this trip for many reason including: traveling a distance that they might not have gone to before without their parents, visiting an interactive museum, and having a good time while enjoying a new scenery.

“This museum allowed the children an opportunity to touch and play with an exhibit, rather than just look at it,” said Jeremy Williams, Spring Creek Afterschool Program Director.

This trip provided an opportunity for kindergartners through third graders to see new sights while on the bus ride into Pennsylvania and experience a different type of museum. This innovative museum not only gave the usual tour and information but, allowed students to be able to participate with the exhibits by touching and being able to play with different exhibits which allowed the students a hands-on approach to learning new things. This hands-on approach way of learning exposed the students to a different awareness of learning and applying what they have learned.

“The museum was very accommodating, we arrived at the museum an hour late due to some traffic, and the staff and representatives of the museum made it extremely easy to check in and also were able to allow us enough time for the kids to eat lunch and then they gave us free reign of the museum until we were ready to leave, which really left me amazed,” said Williams.

Nine-year-old, Arion Stevenson said, “My favorite part about this trip was the Alice in Wonderland section. I didn’t think I would be able to get out of the maze, but I did. It was so much fun!”

“The museum itself was awesome from the carousel ride, to the Alice In Wonderland exhibit, there was also a little kitchen, and I can’t forget about the ShopRite Supermarket experience, this is where the kids were able to pretend to do their food shopping and have their peers check them out at the mini cash register, ” said Williams.

Six-year-old Arianna Willock had a great time and said, “My favorite part of the trip was the real car experience. This was a real car and we were able to pretend to drive in it and listen to music in it.”

“My favorite part was the ShopRite downstairs where we went grocery shopping and paid for our items. We also got to cook in the kitchen,” said six-year-old, Tiani Payton.

“We would definitely take the kids back here again, because I can tell they really enjoyed themselves. They especially liked being able to physically touch an exhibit. This was definitely a different approach to learning and the children were able to respond well to the handson approach,” said Williams.

Photos courtesy of: Spring Creek Afterschool Program