Spring Creek Afterschool’s Fourth and Fifth Graders go to the Movies

hidden figuresBy: Pamela Stern

As the weather is starting to warm up, so is the Spring Creek Afterschool Program. On Thursday, February 23rd the Spring Creek Afterschool Program had 18 of their students in the fourth and fifth grades that went on a field trip to the movies. These fourth and fifth graders took a day out of their winter recess to board a bus and head to the movies.

The students went to the United Artist Cinema in Sheepshead Bay to go and see the acclaimed movie Hidden Figures (starring; Octavia Spencer (The Help). This movie tells the story of the three AfricanAmerican women who were working at NASA and who served as the “brains” behind the launch of John Glenn into orbit. The reason that the United Artist Cinema in Sheepshead Bay was chosen was to allow the children an opportunity to experience different surroundings other than the same old places that they are used to. The movie, Hidden Figures was chosen partly because of Black History Month and also because it is an aspiring movie it allows the viewers to learn about history and aspires them at the same time. “When you mention movies to children, it always brings excitement to them,” said Jeremy Williams, Program Director of Spring Creek’s Afterschool Program.

Prior to viewing the movie, the students really did not know what to expect from this movie. “What I liked about the movie was that we got popcorn and drinks, and it was a movie about African American women being accepted into a male dominated industry,” said Kadence King. Jenna Shehata said, “What I liked about the movie Hidden Figures is that I got to watch it with all my friends.” After seeing the movie the students applauded in the theatre, some students even stated how much the movie inspired them to be better at whatever they set out to do.

Hidden Figures, just inspired the students to feel proud about being better and not accepting anything less. This movie allowed the students to also learn about the women in the movie, which they had never heard of before.

“Hidden Figures was beneficial for me to allow my students to view because I seek different ways of inspiring our students that success can be met in many ways and also to remind them of how important achieving good grades in school can put them in the best position of success in life,” said Williams.

Photo: Courtesy of Spring Creek Afterschool Program