Spring Creek Rehab Hosts Annual Fashion Show


Bright lights, a runway, stylish clothes and hundreds of onlookers are just a few elements that truly define a fashion show. Typically, when one thinks of high fashion, they imagine Manhattan’s Meat Packing District where stores such as Alexander McQueen are located. However, Spring Creek Rehabilitation and Nursing Care Center broke the mold of this stereotype by hosting their 5th Annual Winter Fashion Show.

The rehab center was transformed into a venue that hosted a high caliber fashion show, complete with a red carpet stretching several feet across the center’s floor, bright lights illuminating the models and a large crowd of spectators taking photos and cheering. For the past five years, this event has spotlighted the patients’ sense of style, from leisurewear to formal gowns. “The senior residents of Spring Creek Rehab have this day to feel young and fancy. They beam with pride when they are complimented on how amazing they look and walk with confidence while all their peers, families and staff cheer them on,” said Erica Pena, Spring Creek Rehabilitation and Nursing Care Center’s Director of Therapeutic Recreation.

rehab 04Patients, accompanied by staff members, strolled down the red carpet wearing fur coats, shimmering dresses and fitted suits. The effort that went into each outfit, hairstyle and jewelry worn during the show was evident, thanks to each piece’s stunning detail. “It’s so heart warming to see how happy the patients are from the praise and recognition,” said Pena. The annual event tries to further Spring Creek Rehabilitation and Nursing Care Center’s program by creating a creative, loving and fostering environment for everyone. “My goal is for them to be happy have a great time while laughing and create beautiful memories for them,” said Pena.

Photos courtesy of Erica Pena