Spring Creek Senior Partners’ Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month

SCSP 3By Pamela Stern

National Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from mid-September to mid-October as a way to pay tribute to the generations of Hispanic Americans who have positively influenced and enriched our nation and society.  This year, the Spring Creek Senior Partners (SCSP) NORC and the HUD Multifamily Resident Service Coordinator joined forces to organize an event on Friday, October 20th, highlighting the rich culture and traditions that has come from Hispanic Americans.

Denise Ruiz, the Service Coordinator organized this wonderful event.  The seniors of Hispanic descent played an active role and were proud to highlight their culture to the seniors of diverse backgrounds.  Poetry, music, national dress, as well as the cuisine of various countries were presented.  This not only represented the culture and types of delicacies to other seniors but, it also was a good opportunity for people to try other foods and learn about the culture and the history of the clothing that coincides with the culture.

In light of the recent natural disasters in Puerto Rico and Mexico, there was a special emphasis on these two areas.  Carmen Rodriquez and Orfelina Blanchard, two long-time volunteers and participants in the NORC program, recited poems and led the members in songs and dances.

Everyone enjoyed the delicious appetizers including empanadas, tacos and regional fruits and vegetables.  Through the success of this, Spring Creek Senior Partners is going to make this an annual event, which will be open to everyone in the community.