Spring Creek Senior Partners Celebrates Wear Red Day

February 1st was National Wear Red Day (also known as Go Red for Women). A campaign developed by the American Heart Association (AHA) to support women’s heart health awareness. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States, and yet about 80% of cardiac events can be prevented, according to the Centers for Dis-ease Control (CDC). In light of these statistics, AHA devised the Go Red for Women initiative as a catalyst to improve the lives of all women.

Spring Creek Senior Partners (SCSP) was one of many organizations to participate in National Wear Red Day. Every week, this organization provides programs to increase food consumption awareness and exercising opportunities. On Friday, February 1st SCSP incorporated Wear Red Day with their usual Dancersize class, so while they learned about heart health they kept their bodies active with dancing.

The icy cold weather prevented many of the seniors from attending, but those who did arrive were bundled up in their red attire. Everyone donned red apparel, from posh red shoes to crimson knitted sweaters.

Anya Buberman, the Coordinator of Volunteers and Special Projects, organized this event with “Protect Your Heart” as the theme. She had a detailed conversation with the seniors about ways they could help their heart. The first topic was about exercising and participating in de-stressing activities, such as going for a walks or participating in indoor gardening. These actions keep the body moving while also creating an activity that clears the mind from stress. In addition, Buberman also spoke about making smart food choices. She offered the seniors a sample of her protein-filled bean salad, while also sharing a host of heart healthy recipes from AHA. Smaller portions and monitoring sodium consumption are very important in maintaining dietary well-being. “There is no specific formula for every person as to what they should eat. You should always consult with your doctor about what your body needs,” Buberman said.

Wear Red Day is so much more than an awareness campaign; it’s a unified movement that supports women in leading healthier life-styles—like a sisterhood for better living. There is an age-old social construct that women should always be the caregivers. They are the ones who worry and take care of everyone else, but this role leaves little room for women to focus on their own health. AHA wants to help center the female focus on making healthier choices for themselves. AHA begs the questions, “If you don’t make your health a priority, who will?”

Longtime Spring Creek Towers’ resident, Alex Franco, enjoys participating in all of the SCSP activities. These programs help keep her mind and body active with Yoga at SCSP and JASA’s Zumba. “I love to dance. I try to engage in all of the programs we have, and every week I go to my dancersize class and today I wore red for heart health. It’s important to stay active, and these sessions keep my body moving and my heart healthy,” said Franco.
SCSP helps older adults make their health a priority by offering a plethora of seminars on heart dis-ease, diabetes, nutrition seminars, and health and safety fairs. The senior organization provides free blood pressure screenings, shingles vaccinations, and there is a nurse on site, Tatyana Podluszkiy, R.N., NORC Community Health Nurse, SCSP and Maimonides Medical Center who provides the highest level of quality care, medical advice, and compassionate help for anyone who pays her a visit.

In addition, SCSP offers weekly exercise classes such as Tai Chi, Dancersize, indoor and outdoor gardening, Big Apple Strollers (A walking group), and other fun activities.

If you are interested in learning more about SCSP or their events you can read their bi-weekly column in the Spring Creek Sun on page 7 or contact them at 718-348-7620.

Anya Buberman, the Coordinator of Volunteers and Special Projects will be hosting a recipe swap sometime next month, stay tuned to SCSP’s column for updates.