Spring Creek Senior Partners First International Fashion Show

Puerto Rican FriendsBY AMANDA MOSES

On March 24th, Spring Creek Senior Partners (SCSP) hosted their first ever, international fashion show in the Brooklyn Sports Club’s café. The café was transformed into a runway-esque show with thumping music. Delores Pittman, Administrative Assistant for SCSP, served as the stage announcer, introducing each model and provided cultural background on their ensemble.

The event started with a few words from SCSP Case worker, Patricia Ryan as she acknowledged SCSP’s continued celebration of women’s history month and all of the contributions females have made throughout the world. “In honoring the diversity in our community, we put together, what we hope to be, the first of many international fashion shows, which celebrate all of us,” Ryan said.

About a dozen women dressed in fashionable attire that best represented their cultural background. First on display was Mexico, which was represented by Orefelina Blanchard. In her hometown of Acapulco, men and women would wear particular outfits for football matches (soccer). Blanchard emulated her love for this sport by wearing a white and green traditional football jumpsuit topped with a golden sombrero.

Puerto Rican clothing styles were a popular fashion item at the event. Three seniors dressed in the Common Wealth’s flag colors. Alex Franco embraced her Puerto Rican upbringing by wearing a flowing white skirt, red blouse and blazer, and a hat adorn with the Puerto Rican flag. This outfit could be worn as lounge wear or to a dance party, allowing the dancer to lift the corner of the skirt and sway it back and forth. Wearing similar outfits, Carmen Rodriguez and Daisy Efre loved their flowing skirts because they open up like a flower when dancing salsa.

Joyce Sinclaire was a sight to behold in her tropical, flower-print dress, which she bought from Point Fortin, Trinidad. Looking like a professional model, Sinclaire’s floral dress also had a sexy thigh split, revealing nylon stockings and black slip on heels.

Janet Adegbite wore a gorgeous dress traditionally worn by the Yoruba in Nigeria. According to Adegbite, traditional Yoruba dresses could be several yards long, but she decided to wear a green cotton dress that was short and comfortable with a Gele head wrap.

The Philippians were also represented during the fashion show by Lourdes Pasquin. She decided to wear an outfit that represented the Province of Laguna, which is located in the Calabarzon region in Luzon, Philippines. Pasquin’s bright smile only further illuminated her beautiful attire: a cotton purple blouse with white lace, a thick flower pattern skirt, and velvet red flats with golden balls, which she borrowed from her granddaughter.

SCSP’s staff and student interns (showing off their NYC student styles) also participated in the fashion show. Malika Djabbarkhodjaeva, M.S., Coordinator of Volunteers and Special Projects, wore a blue and silver outfit with incrusted gems, which is a traditional post-wedding dress from Uzbekistan.

Sporting a humble Russian, country-girl outfit is Tatyana Podluszkiy, R.N., NORC Community Health Nurse. Podluszkiy wore a thin white blouse with a long floral dress over it. She also added a few accessories—a maroon shawl draped across her shoulders and held onto a wicker basket, which would be used for flowers or fruit collected along a traditional Russian countryside.

The event was a success and truly embraced SCT’s diversity. Following the fashion show, music from various countries played and light snacks were provided.

Photos by: Amanda Moses