Spring Creek Senior Partners Wishes Celia Howard a Happy 100th Birthday

dscn0803-3BY: PAMELA STERN

As you age, they say that you are like fine wine, and only get better with time. Celia Howard, is a resident long time Spring Creek Towers resident. Ms. Howard was anticipating celebrating her milestone 100th birthday on July 23rd with her family. When her doorbell rang on Thursday, July 21st, she was pleasantly surprised when several Spring Creek Senior Partners staff and volunteers paid her a surprise birthday visit. Ms. Celia Howard is a long-time Spring Creek Towers resident and Spring Creek Senior Partners member.

Spring Creek Senior Partners arrived at Ms. Howard’s door with a cake, balloons and flowers and celebrated with her. The Birthday Girl was very cheerful, upbeat and appreciative of the support and services provided by Spring Creek Senior Partners throughout the years. Happy Birthday Ms. Howard and may you have many more!! Photos courtesy of: Spring Creek Towers Senior Partners