Spring Creek Senior Partners Wishes Laura Alvarez a Happy 102nd Birthday

laura-alvarez2BY: PAMELA STERN

“You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old,” that is a great saying from comedian George Burns. Well that saying holds true for long time Brooklyn resident, Laura Alvarez, who has been living in Spring Creek Towers for 33 years. Alvarez was anticipating celebrating her 102nd birthday on August 22nd with some of her family members. Then her doorbell rang, and she was quite surprised when several Spring Creek Senior Partners (SCSP) staff and volunteers paid her a surprise birthday visit.

SCSP arrived at Alvarez’s door ready to celebrate her special day with a cake and balloons. The birthday girl was so surprised that she teared up. She was so happy to have the support and services provided by SCSP throughout the years. “I appreciate it very much what they did for me,” said Alvarez.

Happy Birthday Laura Alvarez, and may you have many more!

Photos courtesy of: Spring Creek Senior Partners