Spring Creek Towers’ Afterschool Program Takes A “Journey through Black History”


The Spring Creek Towers’ Afterschool Program participants were in for a real treat when Reese Carr and Claro Delos Reyes from New York’s world famous Apollo Theatre came to PS 346 to work with the students in a ten week workshop which took the students on a Journey Through Black History.

The ten week workshop was broken down into two sections, one was geared for first and second grade Spring Creek Towers’ Afterschool Program students where Carr taught the children about music (Journey Through Rhythm). Participants learned about drum beats and the traditional African dances which accompanied the music.

The third through fifth graders in the Spring Creek Towers’ Afterschool Program studied Theatre Exploration with Delos Reyes. In the ten weeks, the students gained insight into stage techniques and learned how to project their voice while on stage. These workshops helped to prepare the students for their actual presentation.

On March 23rd the students presented historic facts on famous Black individuals such as; Malcolm X, Ruby Bridges, Thurgood Marshall, Langston Hughes and many others to their parents, staff and other students.

Students learned about a discovery of burial grounds of old African population is located on the New Lots Brooklyn Public Library grounds.

“This program was supportive to our student population. The students gained a strong interest in learning stage techniques and how to project. The history facts were a great addition and support to what they were learning in their classes. I felt that all of the students took ownership of their presentations and demonstrated them with a high level of enthusiasm. The materials that were used in this workshop support the student’s social development and opens them up to positive self expression, “ said Spring Creek Towers Afterschool Program director, Jeremy Williams.

Photos: Spring Creek Towers Afterschool Program