Spring Creek Towers’ Annual Feathered Visitors Are Back

DSC_0227By Amanda Moses

Despite the snow storms, spring officially began on March 20th. In a few more weeks there will be warmer days, and one sign that spring is indeed upon us is the sight of Brant Geese. In March, these beautiful birds frequently make pit stops in the Spring Creek Towers’ (SCT) community during migration season.

Often mistaken as Canadian Geese, Brant Geese are smaller and darker birds with gray bellies and chests, and black necks with white necklaces. Some geese are tagged with a neck band/collar, which is used to monitor their migration behavior. If you see a neck band on a goose, take note of its number from afar, (it is unsafe to approach a wild animal) and tag color. You can report the location of the band encounter by calling the Bird Banding Laboratory at 800-327-2269.

By doing so, your account can help researchers gain valuable information on the amount of miles the bird has flown, behavior, social structure, life-span and survival rate, reproductive success, and population growth. The Bird Banding Laboratory will give you a certificate for your efforts in helping them with their research.

Share your photos and thoughts about our feathered visitors to amoses@springcreektowers.com to be featured on the Spring Creek Sun’s website.
Photo by: Amanda Moses