Spring Creek Towers Is Always Prepared for Snowfall


Last week, the National Weather Service’s meteorologists predicted the first snowfall of 2017. Although the cold, slippery and wet weather was uncomfortable for all to trudge through, the pathways and roads were clear for residents to travel thanks to the Spring Creek Towers’ (SCT) Maintenance Department.

Every winter the SCT Maintenance Department makes sure that no matter how much snowfall is predicted the community is safely plowed and salted. During Saturday’s snowfall the entire maintenance staff worked around-theclock to ensure that the roads, pathways and other thoroughfares within the complex were cleared of snow. When the announcement of the pending storm was initially made, members of the maintenance staff inspected equipment, tools and vehicles to make sure that they were in good working order – and then followed their snow removal work protocol. As soon as the snowfall reached about 2 ½ to 3 inches, the members of the department began shoveling, plowing and salting so that the snow did not build up or form patches of ice.

In addition to the cleanup crew, the Department of Public Safety were also on hand to assist residents in need.

Photo: Amanda Moses