Spring Creek Towers’ Residents Deck Their Halls

DSC_0222_previewBy Amanda Moses

Spring Creek Towers’ (SCT) residents once again brought holiday cheer to their lobbies with colorful decorations celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. For many years, the Starrett City Tenants Association (SCTA) has invited members of the community to transform their lobbies into a winter wonderland to help strengthen their neighborly bonds. Some residents work with their building representatives to develop festive concepts, while other neighbors add pieces of decorations independently. Following the safety guidelines set forth by the SCTA, participants made sure not to place furniture next to the hallways or elevators, avoided using candles, and bulky decorations.

The annual affair allowed residents and their visitors to behold the community’s comradery and inclusive creativity. From tiny Santa’s to bright blue dreidels, everyone felt included in the holiday celebration.

Photos by Amanda Moses