Spring Creek Towers’ Residents Thank Essential Workers


Spring Creek Towers’ (SCT) residents are offering their sincere appreciation for essential workers within their community by posting “Thank You” signs in their lobbies. Every day, when SCT’s frontline workers voyage to their employment they are greeted by encouraging signs of gratitude.

Upon exiting the elevator in one building, there is a large sign with the words: “Thank you for all you are doing to all of the frontline workers” with a blank area so residents may write a personal message of thanks.
One resident wrote a note expressing their admiration and recognition of the bravery, fortitude, and commitment of essential workers. The letter stated, “I really respect and appreciate your dedication in you doing your job on a daily basis. Try hard to enjoy your day and be safe.”

There were also posters that underscored the many essential professions, such as; doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, police officers, public safety officers, maintenance, power plant workers, delivery workers, supermarket associates, MTA personnel, and all of those in between were acknowledged with pictures of these various fields adorning the lobbies’ hallways.
“Thank you for all you have been doing during this difficult time,” the residents wrote with their pictures of essential professions.

Photo courtesy of SCT Management