Spring Creek Towers’ Spooktacular Halloween

BSC 02By Amanda Moses

The creepy ghoulish spirit of Halloween encompassed the Spring Creek Towers’ community last month. All around the neighborhood various organizations hosted their very own Halloween inspired parties.

The following events occurred during the week of Halloween:

Children in the Starrett City Early Learning Center (ELC) learned how to carve a pumpkin, make pumpkin butter and participated in an array of Halloween inspired activities. Some children grimaced as they
placed their hands inside of the pumpkin, while others were surprised by the sheer amount of pumpkin seeds they discovered.

Spring Creek Teen Central’s Media Club hosted a spooky karaoke party. The event allowed members to dress up as a creepy characters or their favorite superhero as well as sing in front of their friends. The party also provided the students a chance to photograph their peers as they performed various musical ensembles.
At the end of the event everyone received candy goodie bags.

The adults working at the Brooklyn Sports Club (BSC) were able to show off their creative style with intricate costumes. Many of the day and night staff members embraced the scary side of Halloween as they painted their faces as the undead and other frightening characters.

On the night of Halloween, the Starrett City Tenants Association held their annual Fall Harvest Festival in the
BSC’s outside courtyards. With the simple donation of a canned or non-perishable food, SCT residents were
able to take their children on a fun adventure. There were children jumping inside two bouncy castles, and
others who opted for a more relaxing celebration by having their faces painted. The event featured carnival games, free hot dogs and burgers, as well as the option to pose for a photo within a beautifully decorated photo booth.

Photos by Amanda Moses, ELC and BSC