Spring Creek Towers Virtual Afterschool Activities

By Amanda Moses

On March 15th, New York City (NYC) closed all schools to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). In order to provide education to students staying at home, many schools have begun digital classes and homework. 

In Spring Creek Towers, local schools Abe Stark Primary School 346, Frederick Douglass Academy VIII, and Gateway Intermediate School 364 have provided their students with laptops and tablets. Many of these schools are utilizing programs they have implemented throughout the school year, such as Class Dojo and other learning applications to send assignments to students and keep parents updated.

The Office of Community Relations and Public Affairs is also reaching out virtually to students involved in their afterschool programming. Eurydice Robinson, Director of Youth Development & Community Outreach, and her staff are using Zoom (a video and audio application) to create an interactive classroom experience for members of the Spring Creek After School Program, Spring Creek Youth Orchestra, Spring Creek Teen Central, Spring Creek Recreational Fund’s Urban Garden Classroom, and Starrett Judo Club.  

On March 26th, these Spring Creek Towers’ based programs reached out to the parents of children in these programs and invited their children to various Zoom activities. The majority of these projects allow the parents to continue to work from home or complete personal tasks while their child is involved in these programs.  

The Spring Creek After School Program has implemented a fun schedule for children by creating themes for each day of the week. Upon entering the digital Zoom classroom, participants join Program Director Jeremy Williams and Randi Ray in saying the Spring Creek Chant. Then the classes are placed in breakout digital rooms according to their grade and the schedule is as follows: Monday has been deemed Motivational Monday, Time Warp Tuesday (classes are assigned a decade and explore the music and themes of that timeframe), Whimsical  Wednesday (dedicated to art based projects), Teacher’s Choice Thursday (Group Leaders use their creativity to decide a theme for that day), and Fitness Friday (exercise and wellness activities).  These classes run every weekday from 3:30 pm to 5pm and consist of activities Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) based. In addition, each of the grades will be able to participate in “Science is Real” experiments with Garden Educator Jacqui Roytman on Thursdays.

Spring Creek Teen Central has reached out to their teens and cultivated a multidimensional learning experience, where students can discuss anime, pop culture, multimedia workshops, board games, and other fun activities. Members can learn how to play chess with Recreational Specialist Juan Rosario, study how to edit and create videos and host a podcast on their computers with Teen Central Director, Lonai Mosely and Teaching Artists Eileen Level, or have fun with strategy gaming on the PlayStation4 and other games with Recreational Assistant Gavin Edey.  These activities will all be held Monday through Friday through Zoom from 5pm to 7pm.

Starrett Judo Club’s lessons will be held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (3pm to 5pm) with Coach Parnel Legros.  Members of this program will continue their instructional lessons (and parents can join too) by using Zoom to help condition their bodies for the sport. Legros teaches them how to stay active while also staying at home. The children practice basic Judo techniques, as well as stretching, cardio (jumping jacks and jogging in place). After the first hour, Legros gives the students a 30-minute break. After the break, Legros discusses nutrition, healthy eating habits, and sharing recipes that provide a great deal of minerals and vitamins.

The Spring Creek Towers’ Youth Orchestra will also be holding individual lessons for their students. The instructors are providing their pupils digital music sheets, so that they can continue mastering their instrument. Some will have the students download a program with a Metronome to ensure that the child is playing to the correct rhythm.

If your child is enrolled in any of these programs or you are interested in learning more, please contact erobinson@springcreektowers.com.