Spring Creek Youth Symphony Prepares for Winter Virtual Showcase

 The Spring Creek Youth Symphony is kicking off the Annual Spring Creek Winter Showcase via Zoom. All of Spring Creek’s Youth Programs will be participating in a joyful extravaganza showcasing music, art, and various activities from this school year.

Since the fall, Spring Creek Youth Symphony instructors have hosted individual and combined sessions with students through Zoom. On Thursdays, the classes meet virtually to discuss musical theory and then break off into separate virtual rooms, focusing on their specific instrument, whether that is mastering the trumpet, studying the intricate violin melodies, high and low saxophone pitches, or the fast percussion rhythms.  Everyone has a chance to practice and perfect their music.

Harry Hassell uses a metronome to help Stephane Blanc stay in-tune and on beat during his saxophone sessions. Hassell positions his camera so that Blanc can see his fingers clearly, and then discusses how the tongue’s position can dictate the way chords sound. “If your tongue moves, it disrupts the air flow,” Hassell said.

David Schneck tries to help his trumpet students train their ear to recognize the different notes. He told David Cruz that if you can sing the note, then you will know how it will sound when you play it. “Your mind is the muscle you use when playing the trumpet because it’s all about how you decide to look at the music. It’s about recognizing patterns and sounds,” Schneck said.

Spring Creek Youth Symphony’s Director, Mark Thrasher is proud of his student’s achievements and the instructor’s hard work.  Thrasher believes that lessons are going very well despite some Zoom fatigue from hours of schoolwork and then music practice. “We really treasure seeing all our students and parents online every week, but certainly look forward to working with them in person next fall…..and making music in person,” Thrasher said.

Each of the lessons this month have been dedicated to preparing the students for their winter performance, which consist of holiday classics such as Jingle Bells and Rock Ye Merry Gentlemen.  The Spring Creek Youth Programs Winter performance will take place via Zoom on December 17th at 6 pm.

The Zoom Meeting ID is 971 2788 0698 and

The password is HHD2020

Screenshots by Amanda Moses and Pamela Stern