Spring Creek Youth Symphony’s Instructors Perform for Community

unspecifiedBY: PAMELA STERN

On December 22, the Spring Creek Towers’ community was privy to a special holiday concert where the instructors of the Spring Creek Towers Youth Symphony and PS 346 band performed in the Brooklyn Sports Club’s gymnasium.

Two special guests joined the instructors’ performance—Ian and Elliot Finkel. Ian and Elliot are the sons of actor, Fyvush Finkel known for his role in Picket Fences. Elliot is a renowned pianist, and Ian, is a musical arranger in addition to playing the xylophone.

There was a turnout of approximately 45 people who came to see this holiday concert. There were raffles and some light refreshments. The money collected from the raffles will be used to purchase supplies for the Spring Creek Youth Symphony music programs. The idea of this holiday concert allowing the instructors to ensemble, came from Marty Fischer (one of the instructors), who happens to be close friends with Ian and Elliot Finkel, and thought that they would be great headliners for this performance.

MusicThis one hour special holiday concert had the audience so receptive to the music that they were singing along and they were dancing in the aisles. There was something for everyone at this holiday performance, there was a variety of music from Swing, Jazz, Rock, Latin and Funk.

Two of the audience favorite songs were Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk and Pharrell Williams’ Happy; Spring Creek Youth Symphony’s Instructors Perform for Community these two favorites had everyone up and dancing. The residents were enjoying the music and having a grand ol’ time.

“This performance was very entertaining and enjoyable. The music was uplifting and kept everyone’s spirits up. Hearing the music gave the residents an opportunity to relax during a sometimes stressful time during the year,” said SCTA President, Rebecca Caraballo.