Stained Glass Fall Leaves: An Arts and Crafts Garden Project


The beauty of the fall season is sometimes hard to enjoy when the brisk winds are billowing in your face and the frosty temperatures force you to clutch your coat and rush indoors. The Spring Creek Recreational Fund’s (SCRF) Urban Garden Classroom (UGC) truly is a sight to behold in the fall, as some plants become dormant for the winter their leaves slowly change from green to yellow and then red. Garden Educator, Jacqui Roytman decided to collect several leaves from the small bushes and pear trees in the UGC.

Throughout the month of November, Roytman will be working with students and seniors to create stained glass leaves. This craft project will use: waxed paper, multicolored tissue paper, leaves, and scissors. Participants can cut the tissue paper into small shapes, which they can decorate around real maple leaves. Using the sticky side of the waxed paper, students attach the tissue paper they cut into different shapes and the maple leaves forming a pattern. They then layer it with another sheet of waxed paper to seal the design. Everyone who joins in this activity has free reign to be as creative as possible on this project, so they can make small individual leaves or a collage of leaves. Once placed on a window with the sunlight shining through, the leaves give off a stained glass effect.

Roytman enjoys teaching this arts and crafts lesson because she can discuss the leaves’ color trans-formation with the participants and how the climate affects plant life, while also encouraging them to observe seasonal changes while outside.

Photos by Amanda Moses